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At Ourdrobe, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a fair and enjoyable experience. Take a look at our store policies detailed below to learn more, and reach out today with any questions.

Pick-up/drop off returns and late fees:

  1. Unless stated otherwise, all garments rented on a weekday (Mon-Thurs) must be returned by 12pm the next day. All weekend hires are to be returned the following Monday of hire.


  2. If the garment is not returned by the specified Monday return date, a late fee of $50 per day will be charged until the garment is returned. In the event that your delayed return adversely impacts another customer's rental, resulting in them missing out on the item, you will be responsible for covering the cost of their rental..


  3. Unless you have made separate arrangements regarding the return of an item, all items must be returned via drop off (within Melbourne) NOT posted back. Fees will apply.



Cleaning and damages:

  1. If there is any damage to the garment ie. makeup, pilling, fake tan, pulls, rips or stains that has been deemed by us as a consequence of your rental, you will be required to pay the full RRP of the garment.

  2. If a dress is damaged beyond repair, the customer will also be liable for the cost of any subsequent rental bookings that must be cancelled due to the delay in obtaining a replacement.


  3.  If a damaged dress can be replaced, the customer who pays for the replacement in full is entitled to keep the damaged dress. However, if the dress cannot be repurchased, the customer is not entitled to keep it. In such cases, the business retains the dress to compensate for the loss of future rental income.

  4. Exceptional circumstances - appeals may be made on the basis that you provide time stamps to prove that the damage was there prior to you wearing it. 
  5. Absolutely no alterations to the garment are to be made. Fees will apply if we determine that the garment has been changed even temporarily in any way.



Once the item has left our possession, it is your sole responsibility to look after the garment and return it safely. We will not cover the costs for lost or stolen items. In these circumstances, you will be liable to pay the full RRP if you cannot return the garment back to us. 



Try-On appointments:

  1. Try-Ons are located in Hawthorn Victoria. A Non-refundable fee of $15 applies.


  2. If you decide not to book an outfit the $15 fee is not refundable.


  3. Try-On appointments go for a max of 15 minutes and only the person who is trying the outfit on is permitted to attend


  4. If you are running late or miss the appointment, we are unable to grant you extra time and this will be deducted from your 15 minutes.


  5. If during your try-on appointment you are to damage or mark any outfits, a fee will occur to cover any costs



*PLEASE NOTE*: Items can still be booked prior to your try-on appointment by other clients as NO HOLDS on items are made without a non-refundable deposit.



  1. If an event is cancelled or you no longer want to wear an item that you have either prepaid for or paid a deposit on, we will issue you a store credit that is valid for up to one year of the original rental date.


  2. We do not offer refunds for change of mind or if the garment does not fit and you have already prepaid without booking a try on.





  1. Please be advised that we require a non-refundable deposit to secure a garment for a particular date


  2. A photo of valid ID is required to book a garment


  3. If circumstances out of your control affect your rental date, we can offer you a store credit for a future rental.


  4. Every garment excluding tops requires a bond of $150 on top of the rental fee, which will be refunded once we receive the item in its original condition. If you damage the garment and it can not be replaced, you are required to pay the full RRP and the bond will be non-refundable as compensation.



Interstate rentals:

  1. We do not offer interstate try ons, hiring interstate is at your own risk. If the garment does not fit or you have a change of mind we will not issue a refund. However you will receive your $200 bond back, once we receive the item unworn and in its original condition.


  2. All interstate rentals require an additional $200 bond on top of the rental price, which will be refunded once the item has been returned in its original condition.


  3. Please ensure that you return our garment via an express post envelope to an Australian Post shop by 12pm the Monday after your hire weekend and provide tracking details via direct message on instagram


  4. A late fee of $50 per day will apply until garment is returned


  5. Please do not place the return envelope in a post box on the side of the road; as a tracking number needs to be provided by an Australian Post customer service member.


  6. Bonds will not be refunded if a garment is sent back late as it affects the next customer.


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